The Private Collection for Excellus BC/BS, Molina [formerly Total Care], and United Healthcare's Medicare Dual Advantage plans - this is not the entire collection, only a sample of what is available.



The Slick, available in black, tortoise [pictured], red, and white is also available in multiple sizes.

The J5933 is available in matt gunmetal/grey/demi amber [pictured], and matt brown/demi amber in two sizes.

The E3986 is available in one size in satin blue [pictured], satin black, and satin brown.

The E4039 is available in one size in shiny oak [pictured], matte tortoise, matte black, and shiny grey/crystal.


The E4048 is available in one size in the following colors; blue/crystal [pictured], brown/crystal, and burgundy/crystal.

The E4032 is available in one size in two great color combinations: matte wine tortoise [pictured], and matte blue tortoise.

The E4025 is available in one size in three captivating color combinations: cobalt/peacock [pictured], purple/peacock, and black/peacock.

The E4043 is available in one size in three eye catching color combinations: blue/pink [pictured], blue/burgundy, and brown/cider.


The J5641 is available in three sizes, with certain limitations on the color available. The colors are light brown, pink [available only in size 45], and violet [available in sizes 41 and 45 only].

The E3901 is available in one size, in a multitude of colors. From brown/blue [pictured], to black, cobalt, grey, and tortoise.


Your eye care is why we care.

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